Help Larry Battle pancreatic Cancrer

Hi, my name is Dwayne Brown and I am fundraising for my older brother Larry Brown. My brother is a hard working, Christian father of two. He is a man that have had some challenges in his life but through hard and faith in his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he has perservered . On January 29th, 2022, Larry was diagnosed with Stage 4 Panceatic cancer that has also spread to his liver. This type of cancer is incurable and without treatment he can expect to live about six months. With treatment we are hoping we can prolong his life for about 3 years. Larry will begin a course of chemotherapy in which he will be recieving treatments once every two weeks. The doctors think that they will be able to effectively control his pain and diarrhea, but the treatmens will leave him weakend and unable to work. The goal of this fundraiser is to provide him with some savings to cover his living expenses for when he can’t work. I’m humbly asking for generous donations and for prayers of comfort. Thank you so much for support and consideration and may God continue to bless you. Here is the link…


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