Artificial Divides

I identify as a liberal democrat. I believe that government has a role and an obligation to ensure that citizens have their most basic needs met. I support social programs for the poor, healthcare, and a free education for all. I also believe in a fair and just criminal justice system that doesn’t prey on the poor and works to return citizens to a proper place in society after their debts are paid.

Given these beliefs some would characterize me as a “bleeding heart liberal.” The suggestion being that I somehow have no respect for instituted authority and don’t value certain norms of society. Listening to news outlets like Fox would have you believe that I hate the police, the military and the American flag. Or maybe I’m looking for a chance to uproot our Democratic capitalist way of life and replace it with socialism. The hell with working for a living and lets get to work on all those government handouts. Food stamps and welfare for all…come on man. None of that stuff is true.

I suspect that people rarely fall into super rigid categories and exist on a range of beliefs and ideals. Some people are a bit more conservative, generally favoring a hands off approach to governance while others like myself support a more active approach. I didn’t support to Iraq war but was all for the Afghanistan invasion. I believe that criminals should be punished but it’s not right for police to murder innocent people. People on hard times should get help but at the same time we must encourage able bodied people to support themselves. I am absolutely able to be liberal on some things and conservative on others and I don’t believe that makes me unique or special in any way. I think most people in our nation is like that. Politicians use artificial divides like that to get and hold power. And we reward them by voting for them. We as a voting populace have to start voting the truth of our lives and not the propaganda they would have us believe.

I seem to remember a time where those elected to lead us were able to disagree on policy but still find common ground. They were able to compromise and work out legislation where not everyone got everything they wanted but everybody got something. This is the way the founders intended it. This is precisely why we have a bicameral Congress, we are supposed to disagree and fight but in the end you end up with laws that don’t widely swing the nation too far to the left or the right. Compromise I believe is built into the very fabric of our legislative process. All that, in my opinion, changed when Barack Obama was sworn in as President back in 2009. We went from being a nation able to compromise to one being sabotage by a Republican Party of no. This only intensified with the election of Mr Trump.

In Georgia there is a gubernatorial contest in November between Ms Stacey Abrams and Mr Brian Kemp. Ms Abrams has a demonstrated history of working across the aisle and finding common ground with people. Mr Kemp has openly embraced all the ignorance and hatred of the president. I think the choice is clear, we must once again elect common sense, sensible and INTELLIGENT leaders like Ms Stacey Abrams to office. We have to put an end to people willing to embrace misogyny and racism in the pursuit of power. On November 6th please elect Stacey Abrams as Governor of Georgia. Then we can begin to make an America that lives up to it’s ideals.

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