Thoughts and Prayers

Well this bullshit has happened again. I was in a Hardees restaurant on the way back from New Orleans. My girlfriend went to the restroom and upon coming out she caught news of a school shooting on the TV there. When she told me what was happening I said ” Stop right there, let me guess…young white male right?” The same sick cycle is repeating itself again. Some white male shoots a bunch of kids, the endless news coverage, the Left’s calls for gun control and the Right’s abject defense of the Second Amendment. This all followed by the president and other leaders offering their thoughts and prayers. MAN FUCK YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.

What really pisses me and many other people off is this messed up mental state this nation is caught in. Some illegal immigrant kills someone and we are asked to spend billions of dollars on a fucking wall to keep the Mexicans out. Some citizens uses their constitutional right to free speech and assembly to declare that black lives matter and we are beaten with the black on black crime statistic. Let a Muslim anywhere near an airport and watch how much scrutiny he gets. 17 times a school shooting has happened this year and we won’t do a God Damned thing about it but offer our thoughts and prayers.

I realize that passing laws doesn’t mean people won’t break those laws but still…we should do SOMETHING. Why the fuck does a private citizen need an AR-15? I feel really bad for the families of those lost in the shootings. I wonder if ,God forbid, some of these politicians lost their kids to gun violence if they would be so quick to defend the industry. Sadly I don’t think it would matter at all. I guess there’s nothing left to do but watch this die down and get less shocked when it happens again. For a nation that prides itself on being the greatest in the world we are failing in basic humanity and in common sense.

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