Girl Power

   I’ve heard the question before. One of my Facebook friends asked how many mass shooter were women. I don’t know the answer to that question but my gut tells me that it’s zero. I don’t suggests that women don’t have the same failings as men but as a gender they seem to be more conscientious and thoughtful than men, on average. Wheather it’s by nature or nurture girls and women seem to be more caring and empathetic to the needs and feelings of others. All of the assertions I make are not backed by any science or research but but by my own anecdotal recollections.

To live in a world were Donald J Trump is the president of the United States is to live in a world that is more cruel and intolerant than it was the previous eight years. Hillary Clinton may not have made a great President but at least we wouldn’t have the childish antics that we have from the current administration. When I think about the fact that it was two female Senators that opposed the Obamacare repeal, it makes me wonder how much better off we would all be with female leadership at the highest levels.

  Some people believe that men are natural leaders and better suited to the role.  Those people may or may not be correct in their assessment. What I do know is that the earliest leaders of my life have been women. From my mother to the various teachers I’ve had in my life these ladies showed me how to pair strength and knowledge with compassion. The leadership of President Barack Obama’s mother delivered us one of the best presidents in history.

  Men have no doubt done very good and consequential things for our world. However, you have to wonder that if a woman was President during Bush 43, would we have been involved in Iraq? Would a female President gotten us involved in the Vietnam War? Would we at least have universal healthcare if a women had more power? I feel like we would have been better off during those times. It sort comes back to that original questing about mass shooters being women.

   Thankfully we live in a society that values its women(mostly). I think we have to continue to encourage our girls to be leaders. Not just for the sake of our girls but for the sake of our very survival.

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