T.S vs T.E

   I call it Trump Exhausion (T.E). It is a wholly different concept in my mind than Trump Stress(T.S). When I was in the Army I once heard someone define stress as the feeling you get when there is a discrepancy between how you want things to be and how they actually are. I was really proud and supportive of Former President Barack Obama’s time in office. I thought he showed a command of the issues and possessed an intellect that even his detractors admitted was formidable. As his term came to an end, I felt that Secretary Clinton would continue in the same manner. On election night what I wanted was not what happened and so began my era of Trump Stress. 
   The Stress wasn’t hard to deal with. I supported Gore and Dukakis over Bush and got over it. I supported Mondale over the elder Bush and got over it. Even though I was too young to vote I wanted Jimmy Carter to defeat Ronald Reagan, that didn’t happen and I got over it. These men that I didn’t want assumed the Oval Office and to be sure it was stressful but I never thought them incapable of actually doing the job. When I saw these people on TV in my mind I saw the President Of The United States and although I disagreed with them they at least appeared to be somewhat rational men. 

   Donald Trump has long since passed the point of stress. This man is exhausting. He has been president for four months now and just about every day has been filled with lies, incompetence and an outright disregard for common decency and respect. He is proving himself to be a foolish manchild that has zero understanding of domestic and international issues. He rejects counsel,science and the advice of those charged with advising him. Having someone this stupid isn’t just exhausting it is down right dangerous .

   The only thing that can be done by private citizens like myself is to engage compassionately with people of different ideology, educate themselves on the issues and vote. Thoughtful civic engagement is the only path forward. Now is not the time to become complacent. It can be tiring revisiting the same issues over and over but this righteous indignation cannot cease. The stakes are too important. The future of our institutions, the press, religious liberty and the respect of our nation in the world depends on our steadfast resolve not to quit. We cannot continue to allow a racist, xenophobic, mental midget to represent this nation. President Donald Trump,and people like him, are a cancer and thoughtful people of good will have to be the cure. 

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