Fruit Bearing Trees, Credit Checks,And A Better Tomorrow.

      I’ve heard the assertion over and over again from his supporters. It goes something like”Sure he may have said those things during the campaign but I’m sure he’ll change once in office.” The other common one is “The gravity of the office will temper him.” Well to quote President Trump…”WRONG!!!!!!!!”  The sad part is that on some level I sort of believed it myself. I was hoping (still hoping) that there was going to a moment in this shit show of a presidency where Donald J Trump would switch gears and become someone befitting of the office. Yeah, I no longer  think so either. President Trump has made me miss George W Bush. Bush may not, in my opinion, been a good President but he at least he didn’t make a mockery of the office. I also got the feeling that he was essentially a good man. That is something that I definitely don’t get from President Trump.

       When comparing Former President Obama and President Trump I’m reminded of an old Sunday School lesson I had when I was a little boy. It was based on this idea that you can tell the type of tree you have by the type of fruit it bears. An apple tree produces apples, a coconut tree produces coconuts and so on. The point of the lesson was that your words and actions are the fruits and you are the tree. Therefore, if  you want to know if a man is a good man or a bad man then all you need to do is examine what he says and does. I have found this to be as true an axiom as any in my life. Almost everything about Obama’s two terms in office was about helping people. Obamacare, stopping wars, consumer protections and immigration. These are the fruits of a man that is good at heart and cares. Now compare that to what you’ve heard from President Trump. He bragged about sexual assault, made fun of special needs people and mocked war veterans. As President his crass behavior has escalated exponentially. The President behaves this way because he is NOT A GOOD MAN. And the plain and simple truth is that bad people do not typically make good decisions.

    President Trump is a shining example of why lenders do credit checks. One of the most basic concepts credit worthiness is that past behavior often predicts future behavior. If someone has a history of paying their bills late or not at all then there is a good chance they will continue like that in the future. Nothing about what the president has said or done is out of character. For as long as he’s been in the public’s consiousness he has been a misogynistic,bigoted blowhard. President Trump had his credit checked by the American people and we have failed to deny him the keys to the White House. That is a failure by the electorate that may have repercussions for generations.

If I can offer anything positive about The President it would be that I think he has galvanized the well intentioned to resist him. I heard someone say, “He may be the President but he is not America.” We as a people seem to be rising up in direct proportion to the garbage spewed by the President. Never before have I’ve ever seen so many different types of people coming together and speaking out against Trump’s vision of America. From the March For Social Justice And Women to all the protests against the Muslim ban, Americans are rising up against this administration’s dark vision of America. I am heartened by this, I am inspired to continue make changes in my life and to help others. Sometimes a nation needs a good kick in the ass in order to get things moving. President Trump might be that kick we’ve been needing. I got comfortable during the Obama years because I trusted him. I didn’t have to agree with him on everything because I felt that as a good man he would ultimately do what he thought was in our best interest. With President Trump I feel like I have to be attentive and vigilant. Maybe, that is what America has needed and if that  is the case then maybe Trump is the bitter medicine we need for a better tomorrow.

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